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The newsletter of ECT-KEMA GmbH is published up to four times a year and informs about our broad product portfolio. Please log in here:

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  • Newsletter 1/2022 - CERAMITEC 2022 - ECT-KEMA´s new VARV 80C "OPTIMA" vacuum extruder

    The new VARV 80C "OPTIMA" vacuum extruder is developed for very short set-up times, comfortable and fast cleaning, optimum control thanks to high-tech sensors and Blue Touch panel, stainless and highly wear-resistant augers and barrels, selective temperature control and high-performance evacuation.
    Visit us us in Hall C1, Stand 319/420
    On Skype, search for: TEAM ECT-Kema
    Telephon: +49 (0)3581 87877770

    Download Newsletter 1/2022

    Newsletter 1/2021 - Ceramic Membrane Filters - New prospects for their production

    Thanks to the good cooperation with customers, research institutes and partners as well as the possibility of intensive tests in our laboratory, we are in a position to technologically support and significantly advance decisive innovations in the development and production of ceramic filters.
    Contact us direct.
    On Skype, search for: TEAM ECT-Kema
    Telephon: +49 (0)3581 87877770

    Download Newsletter 1/2021

    Newsletter 6/2020 - Made-to-Measure Extrusion - The ECT-KEMA Extrusion Laboratory

    We have spent the past year setting up a state-of-the-art extrusion laboratory in which we can perform the tests necessary for optimizing extrusion processes and extrusion bodies.
    Use this potential to get optimum results. We provide results-focussed and field-oriented testing.
    Contact us direct.
    On Skype, search for: TEAM ECT-Kema
    Telephon: +49 (0)3581 87877770

    Download Newsletter 6/2020

    Newsletter 4/2020 – Ready for Industry 4.0 with TIA Portal - Don’t miss the switch!

    SIMATIC S5-machine controllers are currently still performing key functions, especially in older extruders. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain replacement parts since the phaseout of the product in 2015, and this can lead to considerable costs in the event of a breakdown.
    Take the time now to switch your extruder to TIA portal.
    With TIA portal, you can continue operating your extruder reliably. Downtime is minimized, and your production keeps running dependably.
    We support you on the way to Industry 4.0.
    On Skype, search for: TEAM ECT-Kema
    Telephon: +49 (0)3581 87877770

    Download Newsletter 4/2020

    Newsletter 3/2020 – Let´s stay in contact! – Our online support for your machines and equipment

    First-class online support in the virtual space – With images from mobile phones or tablets, we can get an exact picture of your machines and extrusion units, analyse faults, detect wear, and provide you with technical assistance – all in real time.
    Ring us any time. We’ll meet in the virtual space:
    On Skype, search for: TEAM ECT-Kema
    Telephon: +49 (0)3581 87877770

    Download Newsletter 3/2020

    Newsletter 2/2020 – Strange days – You can depend on us!

    In these turbulent times, it is important to stay calm and regain a measure of normality.
    We are therefore carrying on as usual with our business and processing of contracts. We are doing our utmost to assure the high quality of our products and services in the given circumstances. Naturally, our foremost priority is the health of our employees and business partners. In this exceptional situation, we have taken various steps.

    Download Newsletter 2/2020

    Newsletter 2/2019 – Pellets and Pelletizing - Production of Pellets by Extrusion

    Pellets are produced and needed in virtually all fields: wooden pellets for heating, ceramic pellets to serve as catalysts in the chemical industry and - last but not least - as Penne and Macaroni to be eaten.
    This Newsletter is intended to introduce to you our efficient and highly versatile process for the production of pellets by extrusion.

    Download Newsletter 2/2019

    Newsletter 1/2019 – Oldies but Goldies - Second-hand machines from ECT-KEMA

    Besides their new extrusion plants ECT-KEMA also offer a selection of used machines for the ceramic industry. Generally overhauled and thoroughly tested they are readily available and top fit for further use.

    Download Newsletter 1/2019

    Newsletter 2/2017 – NEW: ECT-KEMA now offering pilot plant test facilities for the optimization of extrusion processes

    In joint co-operation with the Keramik Institut Meißen, ECT-KEMA are now able to offer pilot plant tests for the production of large honeycombs on their piston extruder KP 200 Amit der Kolbenpresse KP 200 A an.

    Download Newsletter 2/2017

    Newsletter 2/2016 – High Performance by Perfection

    Faster, more accurate and with improved reliability – ECT-KEMA universal Piston Extruders

    Download Newsletter 2/2016

    Newsletter 1/2016 – Extrusion of ceramic membranes

    How the membranes produced on ECT-KEMA's high tech extruders could lead to clean drinking water the world over.

    Download Newsletter 1/2016

    Newsletter 2/2015 – Vertical Extrusion for New Dimensions

    The latest innovation of ECT-KEMA GmbH for the production of large-size honeycombs will be on display at ceramitec 2015.

    Download Newsletter 2/2015

    Newsletter 1/2015 – The Production of Insulators

    ECT-KEMA GmbH is in a position to offer top-notch technology for the production of insulators, tailored to the needs of our customers.

    Download Newsletter 1/2015