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  • We are specialists for the extrusion of ceramic bodies

The Art of Extrusion

ECT-KEMA GmbH develops, designs, builds and supplies machines and systems for technical heavy and fine ceramics for the > preparation, > dosing, shaping and > handling of plastic masses .

We specialise in innovative > high-performance extruders and > pelletisers for the extrusion of ceramic masses in geometries of all kinds. These include filigree honeycombs, „dense foils", tubes, hubels, catalysts and also hard metals.
The effective and cost-efficient production of products by means of extrusion makes our extrusion presses with or without vacuum attractive for a wide variety of > industries, e.g. the chemical industry, the recycling industry, the electrical industry and many more.
Many years of know-how, cooperation partnerships from industry and science as well as > process simulations in our own laboratory are the basis for technological innovations and custom-fit solutions according to the needs of our customers worldwide.

Extrusion technology - Made in Germany.

Innovation made to measure
ECT-KEMA GmbH is known for specific solutions in mechanical engineering and process technology, which are adapted to the customer's needs. We develop, design, build and supply machines and plants for the technical, heavy and fine ceramics for the preparation, dosing, shaping and for the handling of ceramic and related masses.
From the laboratory into production
Only through a close, cooperative partnership between customer and supplier can optimum results be achieved in practice. Therefore, ECT-KEMA GmbH - in close cooperation with renowned German research institutes - offers its customers a wide range of scientific laboratory services.

In this way, mass and process engineering solutions are jointly developed. The experience gained from this forms the know-how for successful planning and realization of new extrusion lines or for ensuring optimum operation of existing facilities.

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No man that does not see visions will ever realize any high hope
or undertake any high enterprise.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)‎

Strengthening competence in technology

Being one of the few enterprises in this industry around the globe, we have the know-how to design and develop machines and plants for the preparation and shaping of ceramic raw materials used for the manufacture of products in fine and technical ceramics as well as in the chemical industry. It is our goal to maintain the state-of-the-art and to further improve it, to keep traditional values, and, together with out customers, to develop new, innovative solutions for the sake of long-term benefits that our customers will enjoy.

Taking global responsibility

In our planning, manufacture and logistics, we are actively doing our bit to pollution control. In addition to the reduction of emissions in the production of our machines and plants as well as besides the sustainable use of natural resources, our contribution to an intact environment is that the diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters produced by our machines guarantee worldwide reduction of harmful emissions.

Promoting and challenging staff

Our staff always act in a self-dependent way with discernment and respect towards customers, among themselves as well as regarding society and the environment. The Management takes their entrepreneurial responsibility for their staff by including them into significant decisions, attractive working conditions and open dialogues. After all, it is just them who essentially contribute to the satisfaction of our customers.

Shaping the future

Also for the future, our customers can expect us to offer them ongoing excellent and innovative performance. Owing to the changing ecological awareness, especially in Asia, we are exploring new markets such as in China and India. Even new applications for existing technologies are certainly possible.

Social commitment - For the good cause

We have been firmly rooted in our beautiful Schöpstal for generations. As a successful company, it is very important to us that the next generation here also has the best possible starting conditions.

That's why we are happy to support projects that focus on early childhood education, nature-based learning, and sports and games.

We support

TSV Kunnersdorf
TSV Kunnersdorf ‎
Grundschule Schöpstal
Grundschule Schöpstal ‎
Kindertagesstätte Schöpstal-Girbigsdorf
Kindertagesstätte Schöpstal-Girbigsdorf ‎
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