• Precise, powerful, intelligent and seriously sharp! Extension and cutting systems for pellet, columns and honeycombs in great shape.

Cutting /­ Handling

Rotary Cutters

  • ECT-KEMA Rotary Cutter
  • ECT-KEMA Rotary Cutter
  • ECT-KEMA Rotary Cutter


  • Cutter for cutting medium wire or knife
  • Cutting unit rotating and speed controlled
  • strand speed measurement
  • for pelletizing for different pellet geometries, e.g. trilobe, quadrolobe, cylinder and sphere


Linear Cutters

  • ECT-KEMA Linear Cutter


  • Cutting technologies for columns, multi-channel tubes, pipes, flat membranes, honeycombs, foils
  • for linear and 90-degree cutting


Transportation Technologies

  • ECT-KEMA Transport technologies


Transport technologies for hubels, multi-channel pipes, pipes, flat membranes, honeycomb structures, foils

  • Trough belts
  • V-rails
  • Air rails
  • Roller tracks
  • Continuously height-adjustable, tiltable, speed-controlled

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