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Technical Ceramics

The requirements for technical components are steadily growing. Where metals and plastics reach their limits technical ceramic products are used.

The term of technical ceramics stands for the group of oxide materials – also called advanced ceramics – that can be divided into complex and single oxides. Components made of such bodies are known for their extreme durability and strength.

One of our core competences is the system-oriented understanding of the extrusion of ceramic bodies based on our knowledge of the upstream and downstream processes involved. However, even non-oxide ceramic and metallic as well as composite materials are gaining ground in extrusion.

Thus, we design specific solutions in both mechanical and process engineering. Such solutions are characterized by a high level of innovation and profitability.

Here are a few examples of technical ceramic components:
  • DENOX honeycombs for cars.
  • DPFs and CDPFs for Diesel engines.
  • DENOX honeycombs for power stations.
  • SCI honeycombs for trucks and off-road applications.
  • Honeycomb filters for foundries.
  • Porous filter tubes.
  • Rollers for roller kilns.
  • "Thick film".
  • Carbide profiles.
  • Profiles for kiln furniture.
  • Billets for insulators.
  • Calotte pipes for fuel cells (SOFC).
  • Heat exchanger tubes.

Honeycombs for soot particle filters.

Honeycombs for soot particle filters.