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In the course of timeMechanical Engineering for the Ceramic Industry in Görlitz

Richard Raupach Maschinenfabrik Görlitz GmbH
The roots of today's company date back to 1878, when Richard Raupach laid the foundation for the ceramic industry in Görlitz, Saxony with his developments. Raupach recognized the needs of customers in the clay industry in a timely manner and constructed valuable special machines for the brick and roof tile industry. These included box feeders, deep trough conveyor chains, clay cleaners, and a special roof tile press with a return screw.
KEMA - VEB Keramikmaschinen Görlitz
After the expropriation of the Richard Raupach company in 1948 and its subsequent nationalization as a state-owned enterprise, the company operated under the name VEB Keramikmaschinen Görlitz (KEMA).

The state-owned enterprise became the leading manufacturer of ceramic machinery within the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (COMECON). Between 1960 and 1980, they developed vacuum presses of types K/­StSV 200, 250, and 350, as well as PVP 25, 35, 50, and 75 for fine and electrical ceramics. KEMA machines enjoyed an excellent reputation beyond the borders of the GDR.
From the 1980s onwards, the company increasingly focused on the field of technical ceramics. With growing demands for ceramic products, it became necessary to develop machines for higher pressing pressures. With the further development of technical insulators and initial applications in non-ceramic areas, a new generation of extruders was created that were suitable for extrusion up to 100 bar.

The VEB KEMA thus pioneered the field of stiff plastic extrusion. Finer geometries and structures could be formed as a result.
KEMA - Keramikmaschinen Görlitz
With the political turnaround in 1989, significant changes came to the company. The state-owned enterprise was transferred back to private ownership in 1990.
The period between 1990 and 2012 was characterized by changing owners and associated economic difficulties.
ECT - Extrusion for Ceramic Technology
The collaboration with ECT GmbH in Mühlacker and its managing director Frank Händle, starting in 2003, fueled the innovative strength of the Görlitz company. Together, they successfully implemented numerous projects worldwide in the growing field of technical ceramics, laying an important foundation for the current market leadership.

The merger of the product portfolio and know-how potential of KEMA GmbH and ECT GmbH in 2013, forming the new ECT-KEMA GmbH, enabled a significant expansion of activities into new technology fields.
ECT-KEMA GmbH - Logo
Inventiveness, daring, and innovative power are the rich heritage of the past and continue to shape the company, which is still based in Görlitz. Highly specialized machines and systems from ECT-KEMA are in high demand worldwide. They are used in fine and technical ceramics as well as other related industries.
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