• Pellets, trilops, balls, cylinders, tubes
  • We pelletise almost everything! Ceramic, mineral and metallic bodies of all kinds, different pellet geometries, cutting technology at its best for exact pellet lengths


Pelletisation by means of extrusion - efficient, versatile and tailor-made

  • ECT-KEMA Pelletizer EXRS 35
  • ECT-KEMA Pelletizer EXRS 80
  • ECT-KEMA Pelletizer DPX 160
  • ECT-KEMA Pelletizer DPX 200
  • ECT-KEMA Pelletizer DPX 250
  • ECT-KEMA Pelletizer DPX 650
Pellets are produced and needed in almost all industries. Whether as wood pellets for heating, as ceramic pellets for catalysis in the chemical industry and - last but not least - as penne and macaroni for eating.

Within the agglomeration processes, extrusion belongs to the subgroup of press agglomeration.
Depending on the consistency of the material or the mass - powdery, slurry-like or plastic - various pelletizing processes are found in practice during shaping, preparation and in the laboratory.

Especially in the production of pellets from plastic masses, extrusion proves to be particularly advantageous.

We are particularly specialized in pelletizing ceramic and related masses, both in shaping and in preparation. Extrudates in the form of spheres, trilobes, quadrilobes and cylinders are part of our daily business.
We supply technology for every kind of pellets.


Catalyst production by "Smart Extrusion“ - 7 options by ECT-KEMA – 7 benefits for you



High output at low operation costs thanks to wear resistent materials.‎



Different catalyst geometries with the same extruder - sphere, trilobe, quadrolobe.


High specific surface area on account of geometric degree of freedom.‎


Permanent control of all operation data with sophisticated sensor technology.‎


Selective tempering of the extrusion process.‎


Constant L/­D ratio of the extrudates with developed cutting technique.


Risk reduction and R&D options with our ECT-KEMA laboratory service.‎
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