Piston extruders

A class apart!

Our piston presses for the extrusion of ceramic and related masses are characterized by tailor-made design, use of the highest quality components such as hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic unit, control system, sensors and materials of the components coming into contact with the mass.
As our program is modular, piston presses with different diameters and lengths of the recipient/­cylinder can be derived from the types listed in the table at any time. In principle, all ECT-KEMA piston presses can be swiveled between 0-90˚, but can be supplied on request for horizontal, inclined or vertical extrusion angle only.
ECT-KEMA Piston Extruder KP 35 "CLARA"

Piston Extruder KP 35 "CLARA"

  • Discontinuous microextrusion of powder metallurgy, ceramic and related bodies with diameters from 0.5 to 25 mm
  • Application as a high-grade measurement extruder for determination of rheological characteristics
  • Shaping, extrusion or pelletization of complex geometries in the laboratory and production
  • Dimensioned for axial pressures up to 340 bar
  • For laboratory development applications, designed to handle minimum filling quantities from 50 ml
  • Piston diameter: 35 mm
  • Max. pressure: 340 bar
  • Dimensions: (L/­­­B/­­­H): 9.6 x 1.3 x 2.2 m

ECT-KEMA Piston Extruder KPH 35/50

Piston Extruder KPH 35/­50

  • Examinations and tests in the laboratory and research
  • Precise recording of the operating variables
  • Perfect evacuation of the mass-filled recipient
  • variable direction of extrusion between 0-90˚‎
  • Piston diameter: 35 mm/­50 mm
  • Max. pressure: 55 kN
  • Dimensions (H/­­­B/­­­L): 2.5 x 1.0 x 1.1 m ‎

ECT-KEMA Piston extruder KPH 80

Piston Extruder KPH 80

  • In production and R&D as a universal shaping unit
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art control technology
  • Built on a box-shaped frame
  • Optional equipment with rollers
  • Optional equipment with wear protection for particularly abrasive or corrosive masses in the form of protective tubes for the recipient
  • State-of-the-art control and sensor technology
  • High-quality hydraulic components
  • Piston diameter: 80 mm
  • Max. pressure: 140 kN
  • Dimensions (H/­­B/­­L): 2.9 x 1.0 x 1.2 m‎

ECT-KEMA Piston Extruder KPH 140

Piston Extruder KPH 140

  • Extrusion of ceramic honeycomb bodies
  • box-shaped frame with integrated, swiveling frame for recipients and press pistons incl. vacuum bell and hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydraulic power unit, control cabinet and vacuum pump integrated in the frame
  • Touchscreen for input of target settings and online monitoring of operating values can be mounted either on the frame or separately
  • Piston diameter: 140 mm
  • Max. pressure: 430 kN
  • Dimensions (H/­­B/­­L): 3.1 x 1.2 x 1.4 m

ECT-KEMA Piston Extruder KPH 200

Piston Extruder KPH 200

  • Extrusion of larger units due to the increased dimensions of the hydraulic unit
  • .
  • Designed as a "horizontal design"
  • Swiveling frame for recipients, press pistons incl. vacuum bell and hydraulic cylinder
  • Separate frame to accommodate the hydraulic unit
  • Piston diameter: 200 mm
  • Max. pressure: 880 kN
  • Dimensions (H/­­B/­­L): 5.0 x 2.0 x 4.8 m

ECT-KEMA Piston Extruder KPH 300

Piston Extruder KPH 300

  • Extrusion of honeycomb bodies
  • For high radial and axial extrusion pressures
  • Tempering of the recipient
  • Loading with advanced strokes
  • Constant feed rates independent of pressure
  • Low wear
  • Piston diameter: 300 mm
  • Max. pressure: 1980 kN
  • Dimensions (H/­­B/­­L): 5.3 x 2.0 x 5.0 m

ECT-KEMA Piston Extruder KPH 400

Piston Extruder KPH 400

  • Universal extrusion unit
  • Production of ceramic profiles with very different geometries and diameters
  • Optional equipment with adapters for different inner diameters of the recipient or different press pistons
  • Piston diameter: 400 mm
  • Max. pressure: 3516 kN
  • Dimensions (H/­­B/­­L): 5.6 x 2.0 x 5.5 m

ECT-KEMA Piston Extruder KPH 500

Piston Extruder KPH 500

  • One of the world's largest piston presses for ceramic bodies
  • Efficient and perfect extrusion of large profiles, honeycombs up to 14 inches in diameter, multi-channel pipes, filters, etc.
  • To extrude efficiently and under perfect conditions, the recipient is loaded with the heavy evacuated strokes by means of a manipulator and evacuated a second time in the recipient before compression
  • The perfect combination for high quality and productivity!
  • Piston diameter: 500 mm
  • Max. pressure: 5490 kN
  • Dimensions (H/­­B/­­L): 6.0 x 2.2 x 6.0 m

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