• Shaping tools - Diversity in extrusion

Tool making

The best shape for your product

With the shaping tools from ECT-KEMA, there are no limits to the design, development and manufacture of your products.
Ceramic, oxide, mineral, organic, inorganic, metallic and non-metallic materials can be extruded into almost any required shape – in a completely individual process that is optimized for the specific application.



Multichannal forms

Foils and sheets

Pressure heads & Dies

Pressure heads
In the pressure head of the extruder, the body is prepared for subsequent shaping. To ensure optimum extrusion, the pressure head can be equipped with different features:

  • Temperature control
  • Wear inlay /­ wear protection
  • Centring device for augers
  • With and without strainer plate
  • Optimized feed geometry
  • P/­T sensor connection‎
Different geometries, filigree structures – every custom-made die is as individual as your product:

  • Honeycomb tools up to 600 CPSI
  • Symmetric and asymmetric perforation pattern
  • Tube and roller tools, open and closed
  • Pelletizing tools and dies
  • Multichannel dies
  • Dies for heavy clay ceramics
  • Flat membrane tools
  • Foil tools
  • Special profiles‎

Safety and comfort - Starting and extrusion aids avoid die damage and pin breakage, especially during commissioning, die changes or cleaning.
In line with your requirements, we make high-performance precision tools from:

  • All common tool steels
  • Stainless and acid-resistant materials
  • Hard metal
  • Ceramics
  • Plastics‎


Simulation steps

Simulation steps
For optimization of the tool for a precision shaping process, we determine key parameters:

  • Density
  • Water content
  • Penetrometer value upstream of the extruder
  • Penetrometer value downstream of the extruder
  • Yield point
  • Bingham viscosity
  • Slippage
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